Make this beautiful family tree


Instructions and images for this tree were provided on a Silhouette Cameo users forum.

Nicole Morton Now, before anyone asks how I did it.. someone else posted something and it gave me an idea!! I typed out the names, the font is Adobe Carlson Pro Bold, ungrouped them, grouped each name with itself. Moved them so that the each line was touching the name above it, than welded them all together. Traced a tree I liked. Took the names, and did an offset, and whatever the setting it starts at. Moved it out of the way, released compound path, deleted all the little bits in the middle so it left me with only the outer shape!! Moved that outer shape to where I wanted it on the tree, selected the tree and the shape, clicked on subtract (same place you find weld!) waited for what seemed like forever, than it subtraced all the inner guts where the words would go. Moved the words (that are already welded together) into that spot, played with the size of it, made it a bit larger, and grouped it. It likely needs to be welded again before it’s cut!

Pathetic tree image came from –

Here is another example…

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